Smart Hands

Smart Hands

On-site support for maintenance, repairs, inspection and upgrades.

Prefer to colocate your own hardware?

Leverage our infrastructure with your bespoke server compute to take advantage of our 24x7 monitoring, emergency remote support, and on-site smart hands. Additional benefits of colocation include:

  • Choice of Equinix London (LD4) or Equinix New York (NY4)
  • Primary & Redundant Power Sources
  • Primary & Redundant IP Transit / Internet Access
  • Integration with our network devices
  • Access to our Fibre Cross Connects
  • Access to our DDoS Mitigation Services
  • Access to VPN tunnel, VPS, and SAN (network storage)
Pricing Starts at $500 /month for
1U Colocation with 0.25kVA Power

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Having our Data Centre technicians close by can greatly reduce the frequency of server down times and service interruptions that your business might otherwise experience.

Your business can greatly benefit from being protected from disastrous shutdowns that could take your company days or even weeks from which to recover.

With reduced down times and higher reliability on the performance of your infrastructure, you can focus your time and attention on your trading business.

Dedicated 24x7 Support

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