Broker VPS Program

Broker VPS Program

Provide free or sponsored VPS to your customers that meet certain minimum requirements.

Attention Brokers!

One of the most valuable tools to market and grow your business is to offer a free (or sponsored) VPS to your customers that meet certain minimum requirements. Join our growing list of world class brokers offering this valuable service today. We provide you with a full-featured Broker VPS Program:

  • Order VPS for your customers, 24x7 without our assistance
  • VPS is automatically built in <30 minutes
  • Login credentials automatically emailed to your customer
  • Select Equinix hosting location: LD4 (London) or NY4 (New York)
  • We provide 24x7 technical support to all of your customers
  • Complete BackOffice to manage all of your sponsored VPS assets
  • Ability for you to shut down, pause, reboot, or terminate VPS
  • Daily prorated billing: you only pay for the days actually used
  • We can host MT4 Data Center or MT5 Access Server with ultra-low latency cross connect to your bridge or liquidity provider

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